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Mary Enright, founder/owner of Hunny Bunny Bakes, is a people-person.

A strong believer in the beauty of the human experience, Enright appreciates the importance of celebrating both life’s biggest and smallest moments. She knows that behind every order that comes through her bakery there is a story and a feeling, and she is honored to be a part of it.

Enright founded Hunny Bunny Bakes almost completely by accident, though it has since grown into a business that holds the entirety of her heart and soul. Five years ago, Enright offered to make decorated sugar cookies for a friend’s baby shower, posted a photo of the completed cookies on social media, and hasn’t had a break in requests since.

A big fan of the Pippi Longstocking philosophy of “I have never tried that before so I think I should definitely be able to do it”, Enright has never shied away from unique clients requests, and has quickly made a name for herself as an artist willing to take on just about any subject (Stormtroopers fighting a dinosaur, wedding favors featuring the periodic table, or ‘unicorn mermaid kitty’, anyone?).

Known for her highly-detailed sugar cookies, intensely popular cake jars, and beautiful, hand-crafted cakes, Enright is able to cater her work to fit any occasion.

Enright currently lives outside of Tuscola in the rural community of Chicken Bristle. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, listening to true-crime podcasts, and drinking far too much Diet Dr. Pepper.