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by A. Hunt Design

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the CU flower house CO-OP is a unique space where event industry professionals and small business owners can meet, greet, consult, sell, and share a warm and welcoming space that fits their individual business needs.

the CU flower house is home to A. Hunt Design flower shop, event rentals, and a small private dining space. The open floor plan of the 2900 square foot space features dark wood floors, floor to ceiling windows spanning the storefront, 15 foot ceilings, consultation nooks, couches, lounge chairs, a photoshoot wall, rugs, and plenty of shelving for merchandise.

Mary Enright, founder/owner of Hunny Bunny Bakes, is a people-person.

A strong believer in the beauty of the human experience, Enright appreciates the importance of celebrating both life's biggest and smallest moments. She knows that behind every order that comes through her bakery there is a story and a feeling, and she is honored to be a part of it.

Enright founded Hunny Bunny Bakes almost completely by accident, though it has since grown into a business that holds the entirety of her heart and soul. Five years ago, Enright offered to make decorated sugar cookies for a friend's baby shower, posted a photo of the completed cookies on social media, and hasn't had a break in requests since.

A big fan of the Pippi Longstocking philosophy of "I have never tried that before so I think I should definitely be able to do it", Enright has never shied away from unique clients requests, and has quickly made a name for herself as an artist willing to take on just about any subject (Stormtroopers fighting a dinosaur, wedding favors featuring the periodic table, or 'unicorn mermaid kitty', anyone?).

Known for her highly-detailed sugar cookies, intensely popular cake jars, and beautiful, hand-crafted cakes, Enright is able to cater her work to fit any occasion.

Enright currently lives outside of Tuscola in the rural community of Chicken Bristle. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, listening to true-crime podcasts, and drinking far too much Diet Dr. Pepper.

Apricity Ink is a calligraphy and custom stationery studio based in Champaign, Illinois. We combine the modern with the classic and then add a whimsical flourish to keep things fresh. We specialize in wedding invitations, envelope calligraphy, seating charts, menus, programs, and event signage for a cohesive look.

Owner Kate Wilken is a pointed pen (or dip pen) calligrapher with a soft spot for artsy brush lettering. She loves luxurious paper, vintage postage, fluffy letterpress design, and finding *just* the right shade of your favorite color.

As a core value, Apricity Ink strives to be environmentally friendly by printing on paper that has a high recycled content, limiting single-use signs, and offering rentals to reduce waste.

Above all, we want the design process to be a fun and exciting experience as we create keepsakes that bring you joy for decades to come.

Simply stated, Kelly loves planning. While realizing that it is not everyone’s natural gift in life, she is thrilled to be able to share her talent with others. For as long as she or anyone that knows her can remember she has been planning, coordinating or organizing something in her life at any given moment. Barbie's dream wedding, birthday parties, group dates, road trips, baby showers… name it. This skill is at the core of who she is.

Because it comes so naturally to her she is eager to extend that feeling of ease to her clients. Through Kelly Nelson Events she creates a stress free and enjoyable planning process as you prepare for your celebration. She will guide you through planning like a trusted friend ensuring nothing is overlooked. She will have all the details covered so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Planning an event not your thing? She’s got ya covered, becoming your right hand [wo]man. Her work starts with you: understanding what you need so she can offer you a variety of options and price points. She’ll work with you from start to finish to make sure you’re satisfied, taking care of all the details so you can relax and focus on your guests.

Your event. Your way. Perfectly organized. Exceptionally executed.

Yin Song is a full-time engineer and a part-time botanical artist. Daisy Moon was born from her absolute love of nurturing plants in her backyard garden, and with her ever-growing passion for art and botany, she works to bring new life to the memory of each bloom and leaf. She is dedicated to creating quality, everlasting pieces of art that you will love forever.

Daisy Moon features nature-inspired jewelry and home décor made with real pressed botanicals, sustainably sourced insects, and other elements of nature. All pieces are truly one of a kind and unique.

Daisy Moon also offers custom service that presses and preserves your wedding bouquet, funeral flowers, and special event flowers into beautiful, modern, and timeless art, to relive the memories and feelings associated with the most cherished moments.

My name is Jill - I am a mama of two who has a creative passion. It started with an interest and idea of creating small batch laser cut/engraved items and decor. Then I thought, maybe others in and around the local community would be interested in the same!

Every idea starts with something that I wanted for my home or my friends and I am always accepting custom requests.

I hope you enjoy all we have to offer, and share the experience with others.

Hi, I'm Tara Nickole and I own and operate Luxe Balloons & Backdrops by T. Nickole. I'll be your first point of contact and the one who designs and installs your balloon decor!

I started Luxe Balloons & Backdrops in January 2020, at the start of the pandemic because I’m a firm believer that, no matter what, there is always a reason to celebrate! Balloons bring joy, command attention, and turn any gathering into a party that pops.

Working with balloons has allowed me to channel my creativity, mix in my passion for parties, and deliver happiness to you!

The CO-OP has multiple pricing options to fit the budgets for all types of business.


  • Designated corner space in Flower House for in-store pick-ups. Approximately 10×10 foot area.
  • Website Bio with photo and link 
  • Month-to-month lease 
  • 2 Social Media shout-outs per month
  • Unlimited IG Story shares.
  • Unlimited consultation bookings with clients in Flower House with access to the booking calendar. Includes wine, champagne, water, tea, and coffee for clients


  • Designated corner space in Flower House for in-store pick-ups. Approximately 20×20 foot area.
  • Website Bio with photo and link to your business
  • 6-month lease
  • Option to sell items through POS system with a 3% fee
  • Medium sized logo in the window on South Neil Street
  • 6 Social Media shout-outs per month
  • Unlimited IG Story shares 
  • Unlimited use of Workshop Table with a 15% booking fee. 
  • Unlimited consultation bookings with clients in Flower House with access to the booking calendar. Includes wine, champagne, water, tea, and coffee for clients

Photoshoot Sessions

  • Use of the space at The CU Flower House for photoshoots with professional photographers
  • $25 per hour sessions during business hours
  • $75 per hour sessions during non-business hours
  • Unlimited use of space
  • Incredible light with floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Mural wall
  • Large restrooms for changing
  • Social Media mentions

Pop Up Shops

  • Operate your own business as a Pop-Up Shop our of the Flower House
  • 8 Social Media mentions for month prior to event
  • Unlimited IG Story shares.
  • Full use of space including 6×6 ft table + two chairs
  • Cost is 15% of sales made during event. 20% of sales if you’d like to use our POS

Commerical Kitchen Space

  • Use of the commerical licensed kitchen space at 2004 S. Neil Street Champaign IL
  • $15 per hour: Use of mixers, sheeters, ovens, projectors, sinks, pans, utensils, and general utilites.
  • $25 per hour: Use of Edible Printer, decorating supplies, packaging, mixers, sheeters, ovens, projectors, sinks, pans, utensils, and general utilities.
  • Space Available Monday through Saturday 12-6 PM

If you are interested in the CU flower shop CO-OP, please fill out the inquiry form below.